Home tuition Mont Kiara : Monitoring students activity

“Check the progress of the individual is part of the overall plan in home tuition mont kiara.”

After marking assignments, the teacher realizes there is unmet need and more urgent, when is necessary to learn and be reviewed again. This is the reward for teachers who take the time to mark the work of students. Careful monitoring student progress like this will provide early signals about problems that may be encountered. Time must be allocated for restoration work.

Check or Proofreading

Students should be trained to check their own work, namely proofread before submitting work for assessment. Show them how to read the rest of the work that has been prepared by them, line by line and page by page. Any errors must be detected and corrected. This exercise should be started in the first lesson in home tuition mont kiara.


The main mistake is the misspellings, punctuation and sentence structure. No matter the subject whatsoever, teachers often find they need to teach the language. Students who are unable to use the language correctly, it can not work properly in any subject matter. Efforts to correct mistakes during the course of the student’s language can help students, and at the same time help the students perform the work more effectively. Sometimes, it is easy for the teacher says, “There are three spelling mistakes in these pages. Cuba can …” while guiding individuals. If necessary, give a little help, “Well, see paragraph two.”

Errors can be detected when the work is done together. Students can be guided properly without being humiliated. The challenge is to track students and to correct any errors before submitting the job. Make sure no dictionary in the classroom and encourage each student to have their own dictionary. Show the students how to use dictionaries and advise them to check spelling when there is doubt. Students who use computers may have facilities to check the spelling in the program. So, use this facility fully.

Training students to proofread their impact was huge. Students can be given the same routine during the examination. The result is the achievement of better results. In public examinations, marks are often rejected for misspellings and in some cases, severe penalties imposed. Employers also often complained about spelling weakness and negligence in performance of the newly appointed coach. Students are trained in proofreading feel proud of their work and the result is likely this feeling continues throughout their work day.

Setup and Success in Exams

Examination cause unrest among students. Many teachers also feel worried about the exam and limit their teaching to what is regarded as the examination of claims, the final decision. In some schools and colleges, teaching performance based on the results achieved. Before starting to teach in any course, you should have or obtain the following materials:

Examination syllabus

You should have a copy of the examination syllabus. External examination institution typically sends copies to the school syllabus. When no copy, borrow and make a copy of it or ask for it directly from the relevant exam board. Or, make copies and distribute to your class syllabus on the first day of the course. This allows for full discussion take place in the first lesson and useful as a reference throughout the course. Students want to know where they are and the progress achieved.

Think how easy it can be said to teachers when students, “Well, we are now at the intermediate level and as you can see, we have already completed a little more than half of the subjects in the syllabus.” Good also if there are students who can speak to you, “Just five weeks before the exam. Can we spend the syllabus?” Discussion about the measure also gives students the opportunity to ask for further clarification on the topic being studied but still felt less confident. Students must be told the purpose of the course. They are keen to hear suggestions for teachers in managing the measure. Important to involve students with things that happen in the classroom. When teachers and students work together as a team, the result was satisfactory in home tuition mont kiara.

Teachers who decide how to organize the syllabus. Syllabus may be the same for several years, but every year a student exchange. Therefore, the final determination to be made after a meeting of students and make judgments about them. Sometimes, it helps improve the overall measure quickly to provide a complete overview of the subject matter to students. Then redo the measurements that clearly requires additional time.

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