Home tuition Mont Kiara : Assessment in the Classroom

“Give your students a clear objective, specific and meaningful, and that has been reviewed and reorganized in home tuition mont kiara.

Explain what you do and what will be learned when to do it. Share with students about learning objectives and assessment criteria as well as show examples of assignment to explain how the criteria of grades / levels used in providing marks in an assignment. Show examples of model solutions and answers. Tell them clearly what to do to reach the next level. Provide opportunities for students to assess themselves, identify strengths and set learning objectives. Encourage students to read and act regarding the comments made on the assessment of their work and encouraged by peers.

Question well-designed assessment tools can be an effective short term. Student response will tell you what has been understood, so far as their understanding and how they can use that understanding. Low-level questions based on the information that can help you assess the extent to which students can remember facts but questions the high level to assess and help you develop complex skills in home tuition mont kiara. Try to provide questions that encourage students to make connections or comparisons between concepts or ideas; conclusions; or apply new skills or knowledge in other fields.


Use the results of the assessment (formal or informal) to make your planning. Identify student strengths that can be enhanced and used tasks and strategies to address their needs. Use the approach, different tasks and resources to meet the needs of students who have different learning capabilities. For a good learning environment, encourage a productive and positive atmosphere so that students feel that they are part of the process
learning. Focus on improving their performance and not just opinion. Give encouragement to the students so that they participate and are responsible for their own learning process.

Scoring Technique

Task check student work can increase the burden on teachers who are already heavy. Proper guidance and dealt with is important both for you and your students. Students need to know their achievements and what needs to be done by them to improve performance. You also have to be sure that you are helping them in this. The following suggestions may be used for some subjects or assignments but mostly can be customized according to the needs. Familiarize yourself with the basic schools and departments when examining student work. You may find that the students have taken on a certain period of time; color specific pen should be used; special symbol to indicate the error should be used; grade, or stage marks should be given in a particular way or guidelines in writing comments should be consulted.

• Make sure you know the purpose of the tasks given to the students and for assessment carried out. Some tasks require detailed feedback and assessment conducted for that particular skill or focus. You have to have a specific and accurate assessment. Check the students work accordingly do not bother yourself or students. Examine each work to find every mistake or the result will take too long but flagging a lot of red ink will discourage students in home tuition mont kiara.

• Avoid just sign on the bottom of each page. Write a note or comment on the text of the answer, so students get a complete and specific about what you need to be focused and know what you have done well. It also shows that you care about their work.

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